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    Earn Cash For Cars Brisbane Region Upto 9999

    Earn Cash For Cars Brisbane Region Upto $9999

    Our cash for cars Brisbane team buys all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, Utes, 4×4, sedans, wagons, and hatchbacks, and pays top cash for them. Sell your car to the best auto removal company in the Brisbane region. We offer hassle-free car removal service in Brisbane, and you can earn up to $9,999 instanly. You can fill out our get quote form as well to get an amazing deal.

    We buy your car in 4 easy steps. Check them out below:

    Cash For Scrap – Old – Junk – Damaged – Drivable Cars

    Cash for unwanted cars takes away your old, damaged, smashed, written-off, junk car or truck and pays you top cash on the spot. Our Brisbane car removal service is free and fast, which means we pick up your car within 30 minutes, or you can schedule a pickup at your convenience. Receive payment either as cash, bank transfer, or cheque whatever is easier and hassle-free for you. Our main focus is to provide 5-star service to our customers. Don’t let your scrap car sit there for no reason. Our tow truck will come anywhere within the greater Brisbane area. Enquire now for a free quote.

    • ➢ Free unwanted car valuation.
    • ➢ Book now a pickup time with our free towing offer.
    • ➢ Get top cash for any car make or model.
    • ➢ Selling a car in QLD was never that easy before.
    Cash For Scrap Old Junk Damaged Drivable Cars

    Cash For Cars Brisbane Customer Reviews

    Our 100% positive testimonials show the trust of our clients on us

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    toby hazlett review

    Toby Hazlett


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    Great business! They gave me a fair price on my old vehicle that needed to be taken away. Quick and cash up front! Highly recommend these guys!

    emily kearney review

    Emily Kearney


    google logo

    Can not recommend this service enough. For care free, easy towing away service these are your guys. So easy. Takes the stress out of everything.

    T R review

    T R


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    Quick pick up and cash in hand,good service:)

    peter murphy review

    Peter Murphy


    google logo

    nice company to deal with them

    shaun eremas review

    Shaun Eremas


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    Very fast, great service and awesome communication

    We Pay Cash For Cars In Brisbane Area

    Selling a car for busy people is not easy. Cash for Unwanted Cars provides doorstep services for free auto removal anywhere in the Brisbane area. Our unwanted and broken car collection services are popular all over Brisbane. We make decent offers and don’t waste your time, unlike other car wreckers. Get reasonable prices from us and sell your car in minutes. Sounds amazing? Find out your car’s value now.

    Free Towing Brisbane Wide

    We do not charge you for towing your car. It is FREE Pickup!

    Receive Cash For Cars Today

    We offer the best market price. Our pride is our customer satisfaction. Therefore, our rates are unbeatable.

    Easy & Fast Pickup

    Selling a car sometimes become an impatient thing. Therefore, we make sure we collect your car within the best possible time.

    No Registration Required

    Sell your unregistered car. You do not have to worry about roadworthiness. Just leave that to us. We are always here.

    car recycling brisbane

    Car Recycling Brisbane In An Environmental Friendly Way

    Our Car Recycling Brisbane service is one of the most important issues in Brisbane, since thousands of cars are getting dumped every day. Dispose of your car to the right place that cares about our eco-friendly environment. Our Go Green Project is one of the first initiatives in the Brisbane car industry. We buy scrap cars and recycle them with full precaution, following the steps given by the regulatory authorities to reduce waste and recover resources. Thank you for choosing cash for unwanted cars for any car body removals.

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    How Can I Get The Most Money For My Unwanted Car?

    Selling an old, broken, and unwanted car is neither easy nor fast. It could take you weeks or months to find the right buyer who is actually interested in your vehicle.
    But what if they think that your chosen price is too high for them to pay? Then consider the best car removal Brisbane.
    To save you from all the hassles and inconveniences that you can go through when you try to sell your car, cash for unwanted cars is your best option.
    Describe your vehicle and give important detail like the year, make, model, mileage, and information about damage or missing parts (if any)
    We provide fair deals with no obligations.
    Give us a call now! Dial 0403 553 001 and connect to our executive.

    How Can I Get The Most Money For My Unwanted Car?
    We Buy & Remove Vehicles of Any Make & Model

    We Buy & Remove Vehicles of Any Make & Model

    Selling your four-wheeler or eight-wheeler?

    To sell any vehicle has never been easy.

    With our scrap car removal services, you can sell any of your vehicles regardless of their age, make, model, and condition, such as,

    • ➢ Cars
    • ➢ Vans
    • ➢ Trucks
    • ➢ Jeeps
    • ➢ 4wds
    • ➢ SUVs
    • ➢ Utes

    We buy all American, Japanese, and German brands, including BMW, Ford, Honda, Holden, Isuzu, Mazda, Mercedes, Suzuki, Subaru, Nissan, Jeep, Lexus, Peugeot, KIA, Renault, Toyota, Volvo, and many more. If you have any other brand vehicle, feel free to call and get a quote.

    Why Sell Your Car To Us For Top Cash

    Why Sell Your Car To Us For Top Cash

    If your car is in good condition, we will resell that car but you do not need to worry about advertising or preparing a roadworthy certificate. We buy from you for the best offer in the market, and your work is done. If your car is scrap, unwanted, or in an accidental condition, we make sure we recycle your car and get rid of all toxic materials that could harm our eco-friendly environment. There are only a few who are doing this properly, so it’s your responsibility to make sure whoever buys it do the right thing and recycles it with standards. With us, you do not have to worry about anything; we provide free pick-up and cash on arrival and take your car away, giving you a hassle-free service.

    Our recycling procedure is completely eco-friendly, so you can trust us with the recycling process.

    Know More About Us

    Cash For Unwanted Cars Customer Service & Recycling Efforts

    Our prime goal is to provide the customers with 5-star service with a hassle-free pickup. Car recycling Brisbane is huge, and we contribute our efforts to make this a better place for a living see how we work?

    You only need to place one call, and our unwanted car removal team will arrive at your doorstep at any location where the car is parked or broken down and will pay cash for unwanted cars on the spot.

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    Cash For Unwanted Cars Customer Service & Recycling Efforts

    Recent Purchases By Cash For Cars Brisbane Customers

    2010 Mazda MX 5 Miata

    2010 Mazda MX 5 Miata

    Parked in the owner’s garage, this car sustained significant front-end damage. Recently removed from the garage, it’s now ready for inspection and potential salvage.

    2008 Volkswagen Golf

    2008 Volkswagen Golf

    This car faced ongoing transmission issues. The owner, disheartened by the continued problem and the associated high repair expenses, made the decision to put the car up for sale.

    2007 Toyota Camry

    2007 Toyota Camry

    Following a side collision, this car was declared a total loss. Instead of opting for costly repairs, the owners made the decision to sell the vehicle.

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    Our Case Studies for Cash For Cars Brisbane

    Sarah Thompson

    South Brisbane

    Sarah needed to sell her 2012 Toyota Corolla quickly to fund her move overseas. After struggling with several private listings, she turned to Cash for Unwanted Cars.

    “They provided an instant quote, and within 24 hours, their team was at my doorstep. I’m impressed with the hassle-free process, instant payment, and the eco-friendly approach to car disposal.”

    This highlights our commitment to efficient and customer centric service.

    Sarah Thompson - South Brisbane

    Max Richardson


    Max, a busy professional, had an old Holden ute sitting unused in his driveway. Contacting us, he found our service remarkably straightforward.

    “They arranged a convenient pick-up time, and their team handled all the paperwork. I appreciate their transparent dealings and the competitive price they offered me.”

     This showcases our focus on providing our clients with a seamless and trustworthy experience.

    Max Richardson - Chermside

    Linda Wu


    Linda was passionate about the environment and wanted an eco-friendly way to dispose of her damaged 2015 Ford Fiesta. Cash for Unwanted Cars was her choice due to our commitment to environmentally responsible car recycling.

    “I was so pleased when their team ensured my car would be recycled following strict environmental standards.”

    Linda valued our eco-friendly practices and was pleased with the fair compensation, reflecting our dedication to sustainability and customer satisfaction.

    Linda Wu - SunnyBank

    Dave Johnson

    Fortitude Valley

    Dave urgently needed to remove an old Jeep Cherokee from his property before new tenants moved in. He reached out to Cash for Unwanted Cars for a quick solution. We responded immediately, providing a same-day car removal service.

    “I’m relieved and impressed with this company’s rapid response and the team’s efficiency.”

    It demonstrates our commitment to meeting the urgent needs of our customers with prompt and reliable service.

    Dave Johnson - Fortitude Valley

    Can You Sell Your Car Without Rego In Brisbane

    You can legally sell your car without registration in Brisbane. The process is easy and aligns with government regulations. However, if your vehicle doesn’t have a Roadworthy Certificate (RWC), options are limited to scrap yards or services like ours, where you can still secure a good price.

    We adhere to all legal requirements to ensure a smooth, compliant transaction. For detailed rego information, check the Queensland Government’s website.

    Hear from Our Team

    Jason Reynolds - Head of Customer Service

    Jason Reynolds, Head of Customer Service

    “Working in customer service, I’ve been our client’s first point of contact. Each day brings a new story, like when I helped an elderly couple safely dispose of their decades-old family car. I guided them through each step, ensuring they felt comfortable and informed. It’s moments like these, offering peace and assurance, that makes my role so fulfilling.”

    Emma Clark - Lead Car Valuation Specialist

    Emma Clarke, Lead Car Valuation Specialist

    “As a car valuation expert, I’ve seen a variety of vehicles and heard many unique stories. One that stands out is assessing a rare vintage car. The owner was unaware of its value, and I was able to offer him far more than they expected. This experience reinforced the importance of expertise and fairness in our quotes, ensuring our customers receive the best possible value.”

    Michael Turner - Operations Manager

    Michael Turner, Operations Manager

    “In operations, efficiency is key, but so is empathy. I remember coordinating a rapid car removal for a family relocating overseas. They were under immense stress, and our ability to swiftly and professionally handle their request eased their burden significantly. This experience reminded me that there’s a human element behind every service that we must always consider and respect.”

    Sophia Nguyen, Environmental Compliance Officer

    Sophia Nguyen, Environmental Compliance Officer

    “My role involves ensuring our recycling processes adhere to environmental standards. A memorable experience was working on a project to increase our recycling efficiency. By implementing new methods, we improved our environmental impact and maximized the returns for our customers. This initiative highlighted the balance between environmental responsibility and customer benefit, a core value of our business.”

    David Lee - Head of Paperwork and Documentation

    David Lee, Head of Paperwork and Documentation

    “The paperwork department is all about details and simplifying complex processes for our customers. There was a situation where a client was overwhelmed with the paperwork required for selling their fleet of commercial vehicles. My team and I took charge and handled the bulk of the documentation. When everything was smoothly completed, the relief and gratitude in our client’s voice reminded me of the impact we can have by efficiently managing what many find daunting.”

    Now Introducing Cash For Electric Vehicles

    We are Brisbane’s pioneers in offering cash for electric vehicle (EV) service. Selling EVs is a unique challenge, especially with concerns about battery disposal and environmental impact.

    Our team offers a specialized, eco-friendly solution to these challenges. We have the expertise to handle EVs responsibly, ensuring their batteries and components are handled safely and sustainably.
    With our service, you can avoid the complexities of the EV resale market and still get a fair price. We buy a range of popular electric models, including:

    • ➢ BMW i3
    • ➢ Kia e-Niro
    • ➢ Nissan Leaf
    • ➢ Jaguar I-PACE
    • ➢ Chevrolet Volt
    • ➢ Tesla (all models)
    • ➢ Hyundai Ioniq Electric

    Choose us for a convenient and eco-conscious way to sell any car in Brisbane.

    Now Introducing Cash For Electric Vehicles
    Our Contribution with OZ Harvest

    Our Heartfelt Contributions to the Brisbane’s Needy Community

    At Cash for Unwanted Cars, our commitment extends beyond our services to actively participating in local community initiatives. We are proud to collaborate with reputable charities in Brisbane, improving lives and supporting those in need.

    We have partnered with OzHarvest Brisbane to support food distribution to those in need, contributing to their incredible work in delivering meals across Brisbane. We have also collaborated with Emmanuel City Mission, which provides essential services to the homeless and vulnerable.

    Through these partnerships, we not only contribute to our community but also reflect our company’s values of compassion and responsibility.

    Your Price Guide for Cash for Cars Brisbane

    As Brisbane’s premier car buyers, we offer competitive prices for all types of vehicles. Our quotes ensure you get the best value for your car, whether a compact hatchback or an old 4×4.

    Here’s what you can expect for your vehicle:

    Cars & Hatchbacks

    Get from $150 up to $5,999 for your everyday rides.

    Sedans & SUVs

    Offering a range between $300 and $6,999, we value the comfort and space your vehicle provides.

    Utes & 4x4s

    Workhorses and adventure companions bring you from $350 to $9,999.

    Our services include free car removal, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

    Note: The prices listed are estimates. For an exact valuation, reach out to us, and we’ll provide a quote tailored to your vehicle’s condition and market value.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you need car removal services then look no further than Cash for Unwanted Cars. Our team of experts is completely licensed and knowledgeable in the industry, and we provide best price on all makes and models of vehicles.

    • You can make more space: A car that can’t be driven isn’t doing anything but taking up space. Getting rid of it frees up valuable storage space in your garage for more important items.
    • Its a good opportunity to earn some cash: Everyone is looking for earning cash methods. Your junk or unwanted car can be a good source of income. You just need to get an online quote for our website. We will remove it and pay you cash.
    •  Positive ecological effects: The accumulation of abandoned automobiles poses a threat to public safety. They could lead to the leaching of harmful chemicals into the earth, which would then pollute the water table.
    • Your garden will definitely become more appealing: If your old vehicle is taking up valuable real estate space in your yard or driveway, it’s time to get rid of it. Getting rid of an old automobile improves the aesthetics of your yard.

    Using our services, you can find out the precise value of your car in a short amount of time. Our free and dependable quote calculators use market statistics to produce an exact estimate. We give up to $9,999 in instant Cash for Unwanted Cars, and all of our offers are reasonable.

    Our entire staff consists of recognized authorities in their disciplines. As a result, we are better able to serve our clients’ needs.

    Yes, we provide a convenient and user-friendly Price Car Calculator on our website. Our Price Car Calculator is a helpful tool designed to give you an estimate of how much cash you can get for your unwanted car.

    Here is a table showcasing the estimated prices based on the condition of your car

    Estimated Prices for Different Vehicle Types:

    Here’s a table displaying the estimated prices for various vehicle types based on their condition:

    Vehicle Type

    Excellent Condition (AUD)

    Good Condition (AUD)

    Fair Condition (AUD)

    Poor / Scrap Condition (AUD)



























    Please remember that these price ranges are approximate and subject to change based on the specific details and condition of each vehicle. For a more accurate estimate, we recommend using our Price Car Calculator or contacting our team for a professional inspection.

    If you have any further inquiries or require additional assistance, feel free to reach out to us using the contact information provided on our website. We’re here to assist you in getting the most money for your car!

    Using our “Car Price Calculator” is simple and straightforward. Here’s how it works:

    1. Visit our website: Go to
    2. Locate the Calculator: Look for the “Price Car Calculator” in the header section; with get a free quote heading.
    3. Enter Car Details: Fill in the required information about your car, including its make, model, year of manufacture, mileage, and overall condition.
    4. Get Instant Estimate: Once you’ve entered the details, click on the “send” button, and the Price Car Calculator will provide you with an estimate of how much your car could be worth.
    5. Contact Us: If you’re satisfied with the estimate and wish to proceed, you can contact us directly through the website or give us a call at our provided contact number.

    After using the Price Car Calculator and obtaining an estimated price for your car, you have the option to get in touch with us to schedule a professional inspection of your vehicle. Our team of experts will examine your car thoroughly to verify its condition and other relevant factors. Based on this inspection, we will make you a final offer, which may differ from the initial estimate provided by the Price Car Calculator.

    Absolutely! Once you receive the final offer and you are satisfied with it, you can proceed with the car selling process directly through our website. We make the selling process quick and hassle-free, offering cash payments on the spot for your unwanted cars.

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    Sell It Now and Get Best Price