Bad Driving Habits To Avoid That You Should Need to Quit

bad driving habits to avoid

When it comes to navigating the roads, recognizing and steering clear of bad driving habits to avoid is crucial for ensuring safety and maintaining belief in one’s driving skills. Most drivers believe they are skilled, but some poor driving habits doubt this belief. However, a driver’s licence does not grant you the freedom to drive, so one should stay focused on having one.

All drivers must follow a few rules and limitations to ensure everyone’s safety while driving. When one person breaks the traffic laws, it affects many other people.

Unsafe driving practices can lead to serious collisions, moving violations, and excessive wear and tear on your expensive car. You won’t have an option but to sell your car for cash in Brisbane in such circumstances.  

To make the roads safer for all drivers and pedestrians, educate yourself on bad driving habits and work to overcome them one at a time.


Overspeeding while operating a vehicle does not indicate skill; rather, it endangers your and other drivers’ lives. The second-most common reason for traffic accidents is exceeding the posted speed limit.   

If you have a poor driving habit of exceeding the speed limit, you increase the likelihood of losing control of your vehicle and colliding with other vehicles or pedestrians.

Driving Without a Seat Belt

One of the most frequent problems that many drivers encounter is this one. It’s one of the typical poor driving behaviours most people observe drivers engaging in. Although it may be uncomfortable to wear a seatbelt, especially on a long drive, its main function is to keep you 

from smashing through your car’s windscreen. 

It would help if you broke this habit of putting it on first whenever you sit in your car to go anywhere.

Fail to Use Their Indicators

People failing to use their indicators is one of the main causes of car accidents. You can communicate your intentions to other drivers using indicators and having them present. Using these indicators, drivers can share while changing lanes, pulling to the left or right, or making a U-turn.

It’s crucial and a good driving habit to use indicators when driving. It establishes a system where drivers can anticipate each other’s movements and remain cautious to prevent unexpected crashes.

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Using Mobile Phones

Given the number of accidents linked to cell phone use while driving, it is now illegal to do so. In addition to being a poor driving habit, using a phone while operating a vehicle is expressly forbidden by law, and violators risk serious penalties.   

Drivers who use their mobile phones while driving are more likely to be distracted and have higher accident rates. 


The most annoying driving behaviour is tailgating. While some drivers deliberately try to pressure others into speeding past, others may be fully aware that they are tailgating. 

Handling tailgaters can also be challenging because it can cause annoyance and rage. But the best action is to avoid conflict and let them go when it’s safe.

Poor Parking and Driving Practices

Driving can be difficult when parking, and many people struggle with it. When poor parking and driving practices cause other drivers trouble, it could be more pleasant. There is nowhere for another car to park between your parked car and the second parking lane.

It would be beneficial to learn from the pros how to park with enough space for other cars to manoeuvre into their spots.

Driving under the Influence

One of the potentially fatal habits that one can have is drinking and driving. It is simply too risky for a driver to operate a vehicle while under the influence of any amount of alcohol or drugs. Alcohol reduces brain function, which can impact one’s ability to drive and one’s ability to make decisions.   

It forces a driver to make crucial decisions while driving, decisions that must be logical and reasonable. To guarantee the security of every driver on the road, one needs to break this bad habit.

Ignoring Traffic Signal

The purpose of traffic signals and road safety signs is to safeguard all users, including pedestrians, drivers, and passengers. Everyone who observes them must adhere to them, as failing to do so can seriously contribute to unpredictable outcomes.

Refrain from disregarding safety signs, traffic signals, and other drivers’ choices is one of the bad driving habits. Rules on the road must always be obeyed to serve a purpose. These regulations govern how roads are managed, and those who violate them face harsh fines and penalties for driving traffic.

Implications of Improper Driving Habits

There are serious repercussions if you are found to have committed any illegal acts while operating a vehicle. Certain disciplinary measures have been established by law for the person who is caught. 

Some consequences of careless driving behaviours include the following:

  • Penalties & Fines
  • An increase in the insurance premium
  • Revocation or suspension of Driver’s Licence
  • Required Curriculum of Study
  • Prison Sentence


For the sake of other people’s safety and your own, you have to give up any unsafe driving practices that you may have. If you drive well, you can protect your valuable car from future wear and tear and make it perform better.   

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