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    We are top car wreckers in Townsville, who pay cash for cars Townsville up to $9,999. We cover many areas of Townsville, including Greater Townsville, Rural Townsville, Urban Thuringowa, Rural Thuringowa, and Islands.

    If you are looking to sell your old, junk, scrap, smashed, damaged, old, used, or unwanted vehicle in Townsville, give us a call or leave us a message, and we will get back to you with the highest cash offer.

    We Buy Cars Townsville

    CashForUnwantedCars buy cars in Townsville and scrap them for parts. And have a huge stock of high-quality used auto parts for vehicles of all makes and models.

    We supply used auto parts, gearboxes, engines, doors, panels, bumpers, bonnets, guards, tailgates, and much more. Whether you are looking for an auto part for your Ford, Holden, Mazda, Toyota, Porsche, Lexus, Proton, Isuzu, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Subaru, Opel, Volkswagen, and any other vehicle, we have it all!

    All our auto parts are cleaned and tested before we supply them. They are delivered at the doorstep of our customers with a standard 3 month warranty period. You can also opt to select collect so you can simply come to us and pick it up.

    We Buy Cars Townsville
    Get Up To 9999 Cash for Cars Townsville

    Get Up To $9,999 Cash for Cars Townsville

    • You can get up to $9,999 at car wreckers Townsville for any of your unwanted cars.
    • We will come to your place for an on-site evaluation of your vehicle and will tow it away for free and put cash in your pocket.
    • We always offer the most cash for cars Townsville because we are experienced and have all the ways and means to get the most out of every vehicle we buy.
    • Before we wreck your car, we carefully remove all the functional auto parts to resell, reuse, and recycle. We resell all the scrap metal including, aluminum, silver, copper, and help in saving the natural resources of our country.
    • We recycle and resell all the working auto parts, and that’s how we pay up to $9,999 for cars in cash.

    We Are Environment-Friendly Townsville Car Recyclers

    Car wreckers Townsville is offering you a hassle-free and environment-friendly car recycling service.

    Being top Townsville car wreckers, we are fully licensed and insured. We handle all the paperwork and follow all environment-friendly car recycling practices.

    Car recycling is one of the best options when vehicle repair and maintenance exceeds the actual value of the vehicle. It is also an excellent option when the vehicle is damaged beyond repair, and you find no value if you decide to trade in.

    With the passage of time and extensive use, every vehicle wears down. At this point, it is highly recommended to recycle it before it becomes a liability for you.

    Scrap your car for cash, and it will not only benefit you but the environment as well.

    Instead of letting your unwanted car rust away in your garage or at a landfill only to rot, call Townsville wreckers cars for cash and recycle the valuable auto parts to get cash up to $9,999.

    Auto Wreckers Townsville Near Me

    Auto Wreckers Townsville Near Me

    Townsville wreckers cash for cars will not let your old, unwanted, scrap or junk vehicle sit idle in your backyard and will make sure it is properly recycled or disposed of.

    We come to your locality, pay you cash for cars, and begin the recycling process. We take your scrap or unwanted vehicle to our large salvage facility. If your car is not drivable, our tow truck drivers will haul it away to the scrapyard.

    Once your car reaches the scrapyard, we drain all the fluids that include brake fluid, transmission fluid, and engine oil. The reason for removing these toxic fluids is to prevent any risk of environmental contamination. These fluids may also pose a threat to the wreckers Townsville if exploded.

    After carefully removing all the functional auto parts, we take off the rubber, plastic, glass, and non-metallic parts for recycling. Now comes the turn to salvage the most precious metals found in vehicles, iron, and steel. These metals make up more than half of a vehicle’s total weight. Metal is grounded with the help of a shredding machine. We resell that metal at the best price to the dealers and pay you top cash for cars.

    Why Choose Car Wreckers Townsville?

    Scrap Car Yard Townsville will not let you worry thinking about whether you could have got more cash for your scrap car or a broken SUV if you would have chosen someone else.

    We always offer the highest cash for cars in Townsville and ensure our customers get fast, free, and reliable car towing services. With us, you can always be assured that when you scrap your car in Townsville, it will be dealt with safely and legally.

    We have a team of qualified, professional, and friendly operatives who have a checklist to follow for all the protocols of scrap car removal, so you be can be at ease to get the same good service every time you call us.

    Why Choose Car Wreckers Townsville

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    Finding a reliable car wrecker could not be much easier, but with Cash for Unwanted Cars, there is an exception.

    We are a popular choice for the past several areas in Townsville. We remove and wreck thousands of cars of any make or model.

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