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  • ➢ Get instant cash up to $9,999
  • ➢ Fast and reliable car removal services in Cairns
  • ➢ Knowledgeable customer service staff
  • ➢ Licensed business
  • ➢ Accept all types of cars
  • ➢ Don’t charge any hidden charges
  • ➢ Offer safe recycling for all conditions of cars

To successfully sell your car within a day for a good price, reach out to us.


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    Sell Your Unwanted Car Fast in Cairns

    Sell Your Unwanted Car Fast in Cairns

    Cash For Unwanted Cars allows you to get rid of your unwanted vehicles and get cash for cars Cairns up to $9,999 in exchange for it. You can sell your old, new, unwanted, or scrap cars without any hassle with us.

    CashForUnwantedCars offer top-of-line services in Townsville and make sure our customers reap maximum benefits from them. We offer customers quick quotes, which allows them to know their vehicles’ value right from their homes. Our FREE car removal services save customers time. And 24/7 customer service helps them throughout the car selling process.

    To successfully sell your car for cash in Cairns, get in touch with us today!

    Trustworthy. Fast. Simple. Car Selling Process

    Selling a car can be a lengthy process. Usually, it can take up to 3 months to get a good offer for your vehicle, but not with us. With CashForUnwantedCars, you can sell your car within the same day and earn instant cash in exchange.

    Our process is simple, just

    • ➢ Call our team or fill our online form to get an obligation-free quote.
    • ➢ Fill the form with information about your car, such as its model, make, VIN, condition of the vehicle, and odometer readings.
    • ➢ Once it’s filled within few minutes, you will receive an accurate quote.
    • ➢ If you like the value shown in the quote, call us and book your car inspection. Only after physical assessment, we can provide you with a final offer.
    • ➢ Our evaluators will arrive at your location and inspect the vehicle; this process will not take more than 60 minutes.
    • ➢ After inspection, we will give you the final offer.
    • ➢ If you accept it, we can provide you with the paperwork necessary to transfer the title.
    • ➢ After signing the paperwork, we will hand over to you cash up to $9,999 and provide FREE car removal services.

    To sell any car for cash in Cairns, reach out to us or visit any of our branches in QLD.

    We Buy All Cars For Cash in Cairns

    CashForUnwantedCars purchases all varieties of cars no matter their brand. All the end-of-life vehicles we buy in Cairns are used for spare parts and recycled metal, so brands play no role in our process. You can sell any cars to us, and we will pay you up to $9,999 cash in hand, without delay.

    Here are a few of the brands we consider, but this list is in no way exhaustive.

    We offer same-day car removal services for all types of vehicles. Our drivers are trained to handle cars in various conditions. And will remove the car from your premises safely without causing any damage.

    To sell your car for cash in Cairns, contact our customer service team today.

    We Buy Cars – No Matter Their Conditions

    Selling older cars is difficult. Their value depreciates with each passing day, and they are prone to rust. So selling them fast is the only way to get good cash in exchange for them. Luckily, we offer the fastest cash for cars Cairns service.

    With our services, you can get rid of your unwanted vehicle on the same day and earn cash up to $9,999 for it. We only offer your car, market competitive prices, and remove it from your premises for FREE.

    We buy vehicles in the following conditions:

    We Buy Cars – No Matter Their Conditions

    Call us today, and be a part of thousands of customers all over Cains that are satisfied with our services.

    Eco friendly Scrap Car Recycling

    CashForUnwantedCars helps you dispose of your scrap car safely. Sending your unwanted vehicles to landfills can be damaging to people as well as the environment. That’s why we offer customers hassle-free car recycling services.

    When we purchase your unwanted car, we pass it through the following process:

    • ➢ The scrap vehicle is taken to the wrecking facility. There, our wreckers will drain the car of all the fluids and remove the rusted parts from the car.
    • ➢ After that, the car is taken apart, and car parts are removed from the metal frame.
    • ➢ If they are in good condition, the car parts are sent to our branch where it is sold.
    • ➢ The metal frame of the car is stripped of all the paint and sent to a recycling facility to be recycled.
    • ➢ This process helps us use the available resources, which is beneficial for the planet and helps customers get quality parts at affordable prices.

    To know more about our spare parts inventory, call our customer service department.

    Eco friendly Scrap Car Recycling

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