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    The Leading Cash for Car Service Ipswich

    Selling your car is a daunting experience, to say the least. Not knowing who you can trust with the payment or depend for a secure removal from your premises.

    Therefore, Cash for Unwanted Cars Ipswich started with the vision to become Ipswich’s premier car for a cash service provider. We have been rendering car sellers peace of mind from day one with our stellar service and exceptional performance. Whether you wish to sell a broken, damaged, used, accidental, wrecked, burnt or written-off car, we treat all customers with equal attention, love and care.

    Sell My Car In Ipswich In Three Easy Steps

      • Get a Free Quote Within 30 seconds
      • Let us know the following details about your vehicle:
      • a) Make
        b) Model
        c) Year/Age
        d) Mileage
        e) Overall Condition
        f) General Description (Any Past Accidental Record, Major Technical Faults etc.)
        g) Your Postal Code
      • Our in-built database will take estimates from millions of sites based on the information above. Only then will we make a competitive market offer well above all the other dealers or online platforms in your local area.
      • Schedule A No-Obligation Inspection Visit
      • If you feel content with the offer, go ahead and contact our Representative to schedule the visit. We will give you the right to decide the date, day, timings and location at your convenience. Our team will be there at the given time well-equipped. 
      • Receive Top Cash and Enjoy Free Car Pick-Up
      • After a brief inspection of the car and its documents, we will give you top cash in hand or via bank transfer- whatever you prefer. Remove all your belongings, hand us the keys and original documents, and sign the payment receipt. We will then safely collect or tow away the vehicle from your property. 

    Why Choose Cash For Car Ipswich?

    Amongst the highest cash for car Ipswich, there are plenty of other benefits of choosing us:
    Top Dollar Guarantee
    Skip The Hassle of Advertisement
    No Hidden Charges Apply
    Free of Cost Paperwork
    Minimum Documentation Required
    No More Delayed Payments
    Escape The Hefty Towing Charges
    So, hop on the most stress-free car selling ride. Call us today without further ado or drop an email at ___. You can also pay a visit to one of our branches. Our team will be delighted to welcome you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Your choice. You can cancel it or transfer it to another vehicle. All your call.

    Last updated on May 18th, 2022 at 01:36 pm

    All end-of-life cars and trucks go through a scrapping process at our scrap yard, where they are recycled in an Eco-friendly way, and most of the valuable material is recovered.

    Last updated on May 18th, 2022 at 01:36 pm

    Yes, we buy all cars and trucks with or without Rego. Just submit a copy of the state-issued I.D. Card or Driver’s License and Proof of Ownership such as the vehicle’s title.

    Last updated on May 18th, 2022 at 01:35 pm

    Now Offering The Highest Cash for All Conditions of Cars

      •  Cash for Old Cars
      • Cash for Wrecked Cars
      • Cash for Damaged Cars
      • Cash for Accidental Cars
      • Cash for Scrap Cars
      • Cash for Junk Cars
      • Cash for Hail, Fire or Storm Damaged Cars
      • Cash for Rusted Cars
      • Cash for Broken Cars
      • Cash for Used Cars
      • Cash for Mechanical or Technical Faulty Cars
      • Cash for Unwanted Cars
      • Car Disposal
      • Car Removal
      • Car Wrecker
    Car Buyer Caboolture

    We Buy All Types of Car Brands







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    We Accept All Types of Vehicles

      • Coupe
      • Sedan
      • Station Wagon
      • Sports Car
      • Hatchback
      • Convertibles
      • Cash for Hail, Fire or Storm Damaged Cars
      • Hybrid Cars
      • Mini-Van
      • Pick-up Trucks
      • Tractors
      • Garbage Trunks
      • Dump Trucks
      • Car Carrier Trailers and so on

    Largest Inventory Of Spare Parts

    Our portfolio boasts the largest inventory of auto parts:

      • Catalytic converter
    • Brake pads
      • Electronic infotainment system
      • Doors
      • Airbags
      • Bumpers
      • Tires
      • Engine components and parts
      • Engine cooling systems
      • Hose
      • Exhaust system parts
      • Wheels
      • Transmission system parts
      • Axles
      • Springs
      • Rims and Hinges
      • Headlights
      • Windshield wipers
      • Car seats
      • Windshields
      • Mirrors- back, rear, side and front.
      • Clutches
      • Radiator
      •  Alternator
      • Starter
      • Power locks
      • Power windows
      • Power seats
      • Heater
      • Cables
      • Air Ducts
      • Electric Motors
      • Brake Accessories
      • Heating Supplies
      • Valves
      • Electrical Switches
      • Sensors
      • Ignition Systems
      • Gauges and Meters
      • Bonnet
      • Audio/Video Devices
      • Battery Components
      • Cameras
      • Sunroof
      • and more

    Wish to buy any of the above? Contact our Customer Representative,

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