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  • ➢ Top cash for any car paid
  • ➢ Car removal with no expense
  • ➢ Easy & fast pickup
  • ➢ No Rego or roadworthy required
  • ➢ Sell car online with no hassle
  • ➢ Highest cash for cars offers up to $9,999.

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    We are Townsville’s Best and No. 1 Car Buyer and free car removal Hub paying top cash for cars Townsville up to $9,999. We are hands-down the fastest and easiest way to sell your unwanted car in Townsville from the comfort of your home. Feels straight out of a dream, no?

    At first, you are not the only one tired of seeing an old and damaged car lying in the backyard. Your friends and family are also tired. Every car wears down with time and use, and it makes no sense to keep it with you when you can get top cash for used cars Townsville up to $9,999.

    Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on advertisements and roving here and there in Townsville to sell your scrap car, sell it to us online and get the best cash in no time.

    Fast, easy, less confusing, and stress-free. These are some of the important factors car owners expect when it comes to selling their old, salvaged or accidental vehicles rotting in the driveway. Fortunate for you, we are leading cash for cars removal company that offers exceptional assistance to help customers get a remarkable free scrap car removal Townsville service and evaluation.
    We are Townsville’s most sought-after destination to cash your unwanted car. So, why not sell your car without any hassle to us in Brisbane, and receive the most sublime, smooth, and quick free car pick-up experience you can ever imagine? That too with experienced experts.

    It is not a safe practice to remove the scrap and broken car on your own as you can be wounded. You need a skillful person to haul it away without damaging your assets.

    Your Opportunity to Earn Top Cash For Your Car

    • Have you ever thought that selling your old, or wrecked car standing in the driveway for ages can allow you to get richer?
    • Are you curious already to learn how is that even possible? Who on earth will even be interested in buying that piece of junk?

    As a matter of fact, no matter how old or damaged it is, the vehicle still holds value.

    Your Opportunity to Earn Top Cash For Your Car

    Our Cash For Car Service Knows No Bound

    A Cash for Cars Company is precisely the answer. They will give you cash in return for your scrap car. However, it is important that you sell to a trusted car buyer. We are proud of our vast and extensive portfolio covering all, any, and every sort of car:

    No Condition Is Too Bad For Us

    Whether the car has turned old, obsolete, scrap, totaled, wrecked, rusted, or accidental, we will buy it all. No matter how useless you think it is, we see value in any type of vehicle, alive or dead, functional or non-functional.

    No Type And Size Are Too Big Or Small For Us

    If you want to free up the garage space occupied by that idle vehicle, then we will be your companion. From wagons and minivans to UTEs, 4WDs, Jeeps, buses, sedans, coupes, Sports Car, Station Wagon, Hatchback, Convertibles Hybrid Cars, Sport Utility Vehicle, Pick-up Trucks, Tractors, Garbage Trunks, Dump Trucks, and Car Carrier Trailers we accept all.

    No Model Is Too Old For Us

    If your eyes hurt seeing those old wheels parked in your garage, or you are fed up spending hefty sums over its maintenance, or simply feel embarrassed driving it, then call us and get it removed.

    No Brand Is Too Weird For Us

    Each car brand is distinct from another, but not for us. We never differentiate between car manufacturers and are willing to accept all. BMW, Ford, Honda, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen, Audi, Jeep, Kia, Isuzu and more. You name it!

    And for all these services, we won’t even ask for a Roadworthy or Rego certificate. That’s precisely because we are one of those few car buyers in Townsville that are licensed and insured. So, even if the car is not roadworthy, we are here to save the day.

    Look at our other cash for cars Townsville services of:

    • Old Car
    • Junk Car
    • Damaged Car
    • Rusted Car
    • Unwanted Car
    • Broken Car
    • Scrap Car
    • Accidental Car
    • Flooded Car
    • Hail Damaged Car
    • Rusted Car
    • Totaled Car
    • Written-Off Car
    • Salvage Vehicle
    • Scrap Truck
    Our Cash For Car Service Knows No Bound
    Choose Townsvilles Best Rated Cash For Car Service

    Choose Townsville’s Best Rated Cash For Car Service

    Do you have any such vehicle in your possession that is completely busted or wrecked and so hunting for the best online car buyer?

    Take a deep breath now because Townsville’s most reliable cash for car is at your side now.

    We buy all kinds of unwanted, wrecked, damaged, and scrap vehicles and adhere to a no-haggle price policy providing a fair quote upfront. Our team comprises professionals belonging to all areas of the car dealing industry- from skilled car buyers, veteran drivers, expert dismantlers, meticulous recyclers, and a proficient legal team.

    We always prioritize customer satisfaction over everything else which is why we are known for delivering a matchless car selling experience for our customers. Wish to experiment hands-on and be a part of our growing family?

    3 Seamless Steps To Car Selling

    Our hassle-free three-step process is geared towards making your car selling journey easier:

    Now just sit back as we do all the paperwork for you.

    Our Experience Expertise and Equipment A Name Of Excellence

    Our Experience, Expertise, and Equipment = A Name Of Excellence

    We are Townsville largest and leading scrap car yard and cash for car company, having bought thousands of vehicles so far.

    With over 10000’s happy clients served, today Cash for Unwanted Cars boasts a wide and loyal customer base throughout Townsville. Part of the success is our quick and hassle-free scrap car removal Townsville service driven by the most professional and veteran team members. All you need to do is call us, get an estimated value and set an appointment for payment and removal.

    Top-Rated Free Auto Removals Townsville

    Remember, everything in this world is mortal, temporary, and susceptible to perish.

    And your car is no different.

    Whether you buy a brand new item shining like a twinkling star or even a second-hand one, it comes with an expiration date beyond which it becomes a pain to use.

    With time, the exterior and interior can get damaged, rusted, obsolete, worn out, etc. So, when the car requires frequent repairs, fixings, and other exorbitant expenses, it simply means that the right time to say goodbye is near.

    But why get rid of it with nothing in return?

    Now receive an instant top-dollar guarantee for your scrap or written-off car. And honestly, what is better than getting some quick cash?

    Top Rated Free Auto Removals Townsville
    Eco friendly Recycling Car Removal

    Eco-friendly Recycling & Car Removal

    Today, most car companies have turned into greedy money-making machines. However, that’s certainly not our way of doing business.

    We prioritize the safety and protection of the environment from pollution and water contamination. Therefore, we are one of the few car wreckers in Townsville dedicated to implementing environmentally responsible recycling. Our team stringently follows the guidelines set by APRAA (Auto Parts Recycling Association Of Australia).

    After purchasing a car, we dismantle it and remove all the components. These are then recovered, recycled, renewed, refined, processed, polished or discarded in the most ecologically conscious way.

    We aspire to make our planet a safe haven for our generations to come and are ready to go all miles to achieve that.

    Explore the Cash For Unwanted Car Difference

    Let’s explore all the reasons that make us one step ahead of the competition and so why you must only choose us:

    • We buy cars of all makes, models, ages and conditions at the highest cash possible
    • Skilled car buyers help you get rid of unwanted vehicles as quick as the speed of light.
    • Get the highest money for car offers Townsville up to $9,999
    • Our efficient car wreckers in Townsville will remove your vehicle the same day within 24-hours.
    • Schedule the inspection, payment and pick up at your convenience
    • There are no hidden charges or additional fees attached
    • Our best car wreckers strongly implement environmental-friendly recycling.
    • We complete all the legalities and paperwork free of cost
    • The most professional and friendly staff on-board
    • Our scrap car removal Townsville process is the most convenient, hassle-free, and easiest in the industry.
    • We own state-of-the-art tow trucks and recycling equipment.
    Explore the Cash For Unwanted Car Difference

     Frequently Asked Questions

    We aim to become the highest-paying cash for cars company near me in Townville. Our offer boils down to several factors such as the vehicle’s usage, age, make, brand, type, condition, and model. In any case, we promise top dollar for car guarantee paying as high as $9,999.

    Not at all. We are proud to be among the few auto disposal services in Townsville that won’t charge a dime for any of their service offerings, right from providing a quote to inspection visit, the final pickup, towing, and paperwork; everything is absolutely free of any additional or hidden charges.

    Well, this essentially depends on how you choose to get rid of your car. For example, private selling might take ages. In contrast, an efficient and the best car removal service like ours may take less than 24 hours to pick up your unwanted vehicle and same-day free towing benefit.

    No, never! We will provide free car and truck towing service no matter where you live in Townsville. And won’t charges a penny for it.

    We usually pay top cash for the car Townsville in hand on the spot. However, we can even do a bank transfer or send a cheques if our customer requests it.

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